SpoofCard Coupon Codes

Everyone is conscious of saving money and SpoofCard understands its users. It offers spoofcard coupon to help you save money on making calls with spoofed numbers. Each coupon has a particular coupon code and you have to enter this coupon code at the checkout and it will let you enjoy discount. Getting the latest coupon code deals, users can enjoy $10 discount on their checkouts. If you want to view the whole list of promo codes, you need to visit SpoofCard website. Just a single click will lead you to the blocking and Caller ID coupons. Besides blocking coupons and Caller ID promo codes, users can also enjoy FREE Trial.

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Spoofcard Texting Review

Previously, SpoofCard offered iPhone and android spoofing that enabled the users to make calls while being an unknown person. With the increase in popularity of this offer and more and more demands from users, they have now offered a new package which is also an amazing one and that is ‘Spoofcard texting’. Using this great feature, users will be able to send SMS to any United States number with a fake number. Users can choose new number for their texting as they could do in spoofcard calling. Continue reading

SpoofCard iPhone Review

Spoofcard with its amazing call-spoofing features for mobile handsets, iPads and Android phones has taken a step forward in making user calling IDs secure while making a call. Spoofcard iPhone is a free application that is available for iPhones. It allows iPhone users to customize their caller ID info on a call. Spoofcard is a tool by which a user can make calls while being anonymous, giving him the benefit to hide caller ID. With this application, users can unblock their iPhone caller-ID information and also customize information appearing on the recipients ID display.  Continue reading

SpoofCard App Review

Spoofcard app is world’s number one spoofing app that not only hides Caller ID but also changes voice for privacy concerns. How to disguise your real number from the call recipient is very simple. Just enter a number for displaying purposes and the recipient will see the fake number. The person you make a prank call will not think about you rather he may think that someone unknown is calling. Continue reading

SpoofCard Free Trial Review

Are you looking for something more exciting in your life? An idea of making spoof calls to friends and family might come to your mind? SpoofCard is a way to derive pure fun and delight through making spoof calls. Whatever morally legal intentions you have, you can enjoy the best time of making anonymous calls with SpoofCard. For initial experience, spoofcard free trial will help you talk to individuals or groups without sharing your real number with them. SpoofCard replaces your real phone number with spoofed phone number. Continue reading

SpoofCard Review – All about Anonymous Calls

SpoofCard offers web based communication service to the worldwide users. It helps individuals and group users call anonymously to their friends or relatives without revealing their real identity to the recipients. An unbiased spoofcard review highlights great features, SpoofCard offers to its users making them sure that they are completely anonymous while making calls. Whether you want to do a practical joke with your friends or wish to hide your identity, SpoofCard is the best available option for you. It displays a particular number instead of showing caller’s real contact number and caller himself choses this number. Continue reading